Monday, December 2, 2013

Billnäs Ironworks

Billnäs Ironworks was founded in 1641 by Carl Billsten. Strong Swedish-Finnish Empire and on the other hand The Thirty Years' War in Central Europe increased the demand for iron. 

Billnäs Ironworks moved to Hisinger family's possession in 1723. The products were sold mainly abroad. In 1883 the ownership moved to Fridolf Leopold Hisinger. With the influence of the new owner, the old workshops were turned over to production plants and the production focused on doorknobs, axes, picks etc. In the busiest year in 1915 the Ironworks employed 1072 people.

In 1920 the Billnäs Ironworks was incorporated into Fiskars Corporation. The production of old tools continued until in the late 1970s. For more than 300 years Billnäs Ironworks represented the top of Finnish industrial innovation – today they are developing service. The vision is to offer conference clients an inspiring meeting environment and a unique service experience. 

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