Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Abandoned Villas of Kruunuvuori

Villas that once served as playgrounds for the rich now fall away in decay. 

In the beginning of 1900's a German businessman Albert Goldbeck-Löwen bought the Kruunuvuori area for himself. The villas were built between 1920's and 1960's as summer residences for the wealthy people. After the World War II the villa area became a property of Soviet Union. 

Later the Finnish Communist Party rented the area and Kruunuvuori villas got new inhabitants. In 1955 a Finnish businessman Aarne J. Aarnio bought the area of villas and wanted to rebuild the area - but was constantly turned down by the bureaucracy of the city of Helsinki. The villas got abandoned as the years passed by...

After getting abandoned Lilla Kronberg became a popular place for the hippies and their parties. 

Lilla Kronberg has a nice little rocky beach and a view to Kulosaari.

Villa Kronberg is totally collapsed. It got abandoned first and the villa became a haunted house.

There's a little pond  with waterlilies in the middle of the forest. The Kruunuvuori villas are all located within a walking distance to the pond.

The second floor of Villa Hällebo is still used as a summer residence. 

The stairs go down to the beach where's a sauna. The communists used to call it "The Great Sauna".

The tomb stone of the beloved dog Makki.

Villa Kissinge used to be a large villa with 10 rooms and several porches. It became abandoned in the early 1990's. The villa is now tagged as the "Rich Arsehole Inn".

The gardener of Villa Kissinge used to live in this house and that's how it got its name: The Gardener's Villa.

The old chicken house of Villa Kissinge was used as a summer cottage from the 1950's to 2007.

The last owner and inhabitant of Villa Lindeberg was Ms Naima Lindberg who died in 1975. Since then the villa has been abandoned as Ms Lindberg had no relatives in Helsinki. 

The Villa Lindberg was built by Ms Lindberg's father, Gustav Viktor Lindberg, in the early 1900's.


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