Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Sicilian Wines: Gambino & Murgo Wineries

Sicily has more vineyards than any of the other Italian regions competing with Apulia for first place as the largest wine producer. Although once famous for sweet Muscats, and later fortified Marsala, the island's best known wines are now its dry table wines produced under the regional IGT title, Terre Siciliane.

On the eastern side of the Etna volcano, in the woods of the National Park and facing the sea of Taormina, the Gambino vineyards are a pleasure for your senses and for your heart.

Mount Etna, the towering stratovolcano, dominates the island’s eastern skyline, and is responsible for the mineral-rich, dark soils which characterize the Etna DOC vineyards. Vines are now being planted higher up on the volcanic slopes, to capitalize on the cooler air and richer soils there.

The Murgo family winery on the Eastern slopes of the Etna, at an altitude of 500 m over sea level, is active since 1860. Beginning 1980, the estate was restructured and the going-together of innovation and tradition got the main attention; quality, authenticity and respect for the nature as a must.

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